• Anja Garcia

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    Anja Garcia is a lover of all things fitness and health. For over 10 years Anja has been teaching and bringing her passion for health and sweat to her classes, notably winning Equinox's Group fitness instructor of the year award in 2015. You may recognize her as an elite trainer on Apple Fitness,...

  • Mike Donavanik

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    Mike Donavanik is the founder of SWEAT FACTOR (acquired by Wellable in July 2022). Providing attention to detail that’s second to none, Mike’s dynamic approach, sense of humor, and high energy only add to the experience his clients and fans have come to enjoy.

    Mike's mission in founding SWEAT FA...

  • Sarah Kusch

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    Sarah Kusch is one of the most dynamic and motivational fitness instructors, trusted celebrity trainers, and inspirational wellness coaches in the industry. She is dedicated to uplift, educate, and inspire through a holistic approach. Sarah brings her infectious energy, light hearted humor and at...

  • Betina Gozo

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    As a Nike Master Trainer, Certified Functional Strength Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Betina Gozo prides herself in having the knowledge and qualifications along with the energy, positivity and empathy needed to motivate her clients. She has recently been crowned Women's Health Magaz...

  • Ashley Joi

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    Ashley Joi is a former Division I Track Athlete from the University of Rhode Island. With a double major in Psychology and Communication Studies her natural instinct has been to inspire and connect with others.

    She began her professional fitness career a little over 6 years ago. Her favorite ...

  • Gideon Akande

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    Gideon Akande is known for his charisma, athleticism, and leading super fun & effective workouts! The winner of Men’s Health 2015 Next Top Trainer competition, Gideon teaches and inspires people across the world. In 2016 he created and led, the popular Men’s Health DVD series, RIPTENSITY™. In add...

  • Frances Flores

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    A former professional dancer, Frances Flores has quickly made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after yoga instructors, celebrity trainers, and wellness experts. Frances combines her training in dance, yoga, fitness and nutrition, into a holistic approach to well-being.

    Born and ra...

  • AJ Perez
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    AJ Perez

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    Born and raised in sunny Santa Monica, California, Perez has spent over the last 10 years building his credibility and as one of the most reputable boxing trainers in the Los Angeles area. Perez initially began his boxing career at the young age of 14 out of Redwood Boxing in Venice, CA. In 2012,...

  • Pearl Fu
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    Pearl Fu

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    Pearl Fu started her group fitness career teaching classes at the UCLA recreation center where she obtained her bachelor's degree. Before making the transition to full time fitness, Pearl worked for 15 years as a political aid while teaching group fitness classes "on the side". She knows the da...

  • Kenny Ferrer

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  • Jordan Morello

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    Jordan Morello is a celebrity trainer, fitness influencer, hustler, and all around good guy with a big heart. His mission is to spread "health, happiness, and love" wherever he goes. Currently located in Florida he shares daily workouts, positive affirmations, and fitness tips on his Instagram ac...

  • Brooke Emory

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    Brooke Emory is a certified fitness coach and multi-disciplinary athlete located in Los Angeles. Brooke has taught HIIT and boxing classes at two of NYC's top fitness studios, Shadowbox and Fhitting Room. She was also the leading instructor on ClassPass Live, where she lead workouts and motivated...

  • Chris Tye-Walker

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    Chris Tye-Walker is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and one of LA's most sought after celebrity trainers. He is a Master Trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp, the host and creator of, a lululemon ambassador, and has lead workouts on BodyRock, SELF Magazine, and Be...

  • Jaime McFaden

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    Jaime McFaden is a fitness all-star! She is a Senior Master Trainer for Jillian Michaels' BodyShred and has multiple workouts on Grokker! She has also appeared in a number of Jillian's workouts... and my very own, Xtreme Burn Diesel!

    She has been featured in Shape magazine as one of the top tr...

  • Kenta Seki

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    Kenta Seki has been featured in over 100 fitness DVDs and has worked closely with some of the fitness industry’s leading brands. Many of you may recognize Kenta from being in my Extreme Burn DVD Series and a number of Jillian Michaels' DVDs! His positive personality, fit physique, & fun, challen...

  • Jena Kirmse

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    Jena Kirmse is a celebrity trainer and group fitness instructor, based in Los Angeles. She teaches Jillian Michaels' Bodyshred, HIIT, Abs and a Lower Body Booty class! Her favorite muscle groups to focus on are the glutes and core.

    ~ Follow Jena ~

  • John Peel

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    You may recognize John Peel from his work with NordiTrack and iFit, or maybe from his work with Nike, UnderArmour, Dick's Sporting Goods, Gold's Gym, Weider, Total Gym and many more!

    John believes in smart, efficient, low impact, well prepared, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE training. His lo...

  • Gina Florio

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    Gina Florio is a trainer, kettlebell expert, and movement teacher who has been in the fitness industry since 2013. She's a Harvard-educated counselor and life coach who loves to bring her expertise to corporate wellness initiatives and one-on-one clients. Based in San Francisco, she's a student o...

  • Joshua Al-chamaa

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    Joshua Al-chamaa is a British-born, internationally ranked, CrossFit Athlete. In addition to competing, Joshua is a high level coach — having trained clients in group classes and one-on-one at some of the United Kingdom's most prestigious gyms. Joshua's real passion is helping others achieve thei...

  • Leanne Pedante

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    Leanne Pedante is a fitness coach and lover of kickboxing, running, and lifting heavy things. Her fight history started in the 90s when she found (and fell in love with) a VHS tape of a boxing workout. She’s loved kicking and punching ever since. Over years of teaching, Leanne has seen people’s l...

  • Vinnie Salemno

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    Vinnie Salemno is a Los Angeles-based personal trainer, group fitness instructor and online exercise coach. Having a broad fitness background, Vinnie teaches many kinds of exercise formats including strength, Olympic weightlifting, conditioning, HIIT, yoga, boxing, treadmill, and circuit training...

  • Ridge Davis

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    Ridge Davis has been keeping Hollywood’s elite trimmed and toned for over a decade. The PUMA endorsed athlete prides himself on the fundamentals of fitness: eat clean and train dirty. Recently, Ridge has partnered as trainer with Halle Berry’s wellness platform, RĒ•SPIN. Ridge is also a featur...

  • Lesley Fightmaster

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    Lesley Fightmaster (yes, that is her real last name) found yoga in 2000 while trying to turn off her head from "oversharing." She wanted to practice meditation but just couldn't sit for more than 30 seconds without wanting to jump out of her skin! She was hooked after her first yoga class becaus...

  • Amy Kiser Schemper

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    Amy Kiser Schemper a.k.a. Bodyfit by Amy is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with 15 years working in the industry. She has established herself as one of the top fitness professionals on YouTube with over 250,000 subscribers and nearly 26 MILLION views! Amy specializes in circu...