Gideon Akande

Gideon Akande

Gideon Akande is known for his charisma, athleticism, and leading super fun & effective workouts! The winner of Men’s Health 2015 Next Top Trainer competition, Gideon teaches and inspires people across the world. In 2016 he created and led, the popular Men’s Health DVD series, RIPTENSITY™. In addition, Gideon’s Instagram account (@getfitwithgiddy) has been ranked as one of the best fitness accounts in the country.

A Chicago native and lifelong athlete, Gideon graduated from the College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA), where he played Division I football and became one of the leading kickoff returners in the school’s history. After embarking on a career in finance, he followed his heart and became a full-time personal trainer and group fitness instructor in 2010. Since then, Gideon continues to motivate and drive results through his positive attitude, contagious energy, and his wholehearted belief in each person’s success.

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Gideon Akande
  • 20-Minute Upper Body HIIT Shred

    EXCLUSIVE #135
    Duration: 20 min
    Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Gideon Akande

    Gideon Akande is back! Today he's leading you through an effective, 20-minute upper body strength and cardio HIIT workout! You'll have upper body strength moves paired with high intensity, plyometric, card...

  • 30-Minute HIIT Bodyweight Burnout

    EXCLUSIVE #109
    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: none required
    Trainer: Gideon Akande

    Super excited to bring you this workout from Gideon Akande! You may recognize him from Men's Health's Riptensity and MetaShred DVD Series. I've looked up to Gideon for a long time and I'm absolutely thrilled and g...