Vinnie Salemno

Vinnie Salemno

Vinnie Salemno is a Los Angeles-based personal trainer, group fitness instructor and online exercise coach. Having a broad fitness background, Vinnie teaches many kinds of exercise formats including strength, Olympic weightlifting, conditioning, HIIT, yoga, boxing, treadmill, and circuit training. Originally from Philadelphia, Vinnie delivers his disciplined but approachable and vivacious personality into the various exercise formats he coaches. He believes that everyone can benefit from exercise and wellness, and loves nothing more than watching his clients and students succeed and excel in their fitness and lifestyle goals.

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Vinnie Salemno
  • 30-Minute HIIT Heater

    EXCLUSIVE #147
    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Medium / Heavy Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Vinnie Salemno

    Super excited to introduce you to, Vinnie Salemno! He was referred by Anja Garcia and has her seal of approval — so you know he's going to bring the burn!

    Vinnie brings you a heavy HIIT-ing wo...