John Peel

John Peel

You may recognize John Peel from his work with NordiTrack and iFit, or maybe from his work with Nike, UnderArmour, Dick's Sporting Goods, Gold's Gym, Weider, Total Gym and many more!

John believes in smart, efficient, low impact, well prepared, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE training. His love for athletics and playing collegiate football has largely shaped his training style: breaking through barriers and creating new standards that help you reach the quickest and most effective form of progress.

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John Peel
  • 15-Minute Six-Pack Abs Workout

    EXCLUSIVE #165
    Duration: 15 min
    Equipment: Mat
    Trainer: John Peel

    John Peel is back with a fast and efficient abs & core workout! This is perfect to do as a stand-alone routine or in addition to another workout. Strengthen your core and carve out your abs with John Peel!

  • 20-Minute Full Body Shred

    EXCLUSIVE #155
    Duration: 20 min
    Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: John Peel

    John Peel is back with another heavy dumbbell, low-impact, full body workout! You'll have a six-exercise circuit that combines strength and core work. You'll run through the circuit for three sets before you ...

  • 30-Minute Strength Circuit Routine

    EXCLUSIVE #124
    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Heavy & Medium Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: John Peel

    Super excited to introduce you all to John Peel! Chances are you've already seen him in workout videos, infomercials, or national ad campaigns... or maybe all of the above! He's a big believer in effic...