Ashley Joi

Ashley Joi

Ashley Joi is a former Division I Track Athlete from the University of Rhode Island. With a double major in Psychology and Communication Studies her natural instinct has been to inspire and connect with others.

She began her professional fitness career a little over 6 years ago. Her favorite style of training is HIIT, weight lifting and is a true believer in running. (She runs marathons for fun!) Ashley connects with her clients by empowering them to dig deep within to achieve their goals with her Joy and support.

She is dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to ENJOILIFE by inspiring others to push their physical limits in fitness as well as through a 30-Day journaling program she created.

She is best known for her campaign collaborations with brands like Nike, Beats By Dre,ONEBrands, Fabletics, BeachBody, Bosu and Bio Freeze.

Ashley's favorite quote is, “Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” These words not only attest to her perseverance but fuel ENJOILIFE. A brand dedicated to inspiring others to achieve the impossible.

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Ashley Joi
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