Pearl Fu

Pearl Fu

Pearl Fu started her group fitness career teaching classes at the UCLA recreation center where she obtained her bachelor's degree. Before making the transition to full time fitness, Pearl worked for 15 years as a political aid while teaching group fitness classes "on the side". She knows the daily challenge working professionals face to stay fit and healthy and is passionate about helping others find a realistic but impactful life balance. Expect to be challenged in Pearl's classes with creative combinations that build to a burn, all with a smile. A California native, Pearl's favorite hobbies include boxing, hiking, and binge watching tv shows.

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Pearl Fu
  • 5-Minute Dynamic Cool Down

    Trainer: Pearl Fu
    Duration: 5 min
    Equipment: none required
    Difficulty: Easy
    Closed Captions: English

    Pearl guides you through a quick and dynamic cool down, designed to lower your heart rate and stretch out after an intense workout. This routine is also perfect if you need a mi...

  • 30-Minute Full Body Sculpt

    EXCLUSIVE #255
    Trainer: Pearl Fu
    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Dumbbells
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Closed Captions: English

    Pearl Fu brings you a full body sculpt routine. This low-impact routine focuses on strength and lower rep counts. Pearl keeps you moving the entire time so that you get ...

  • 20-Minute Metabolic Bootcamp

    EXCLUSIVE #248
    Trainer: Pearl Fu
    Duration: 20 min
    Equipment: Single Dumbbell
    Difficulty: Medium/Advanced
    Closed Captions: English

    I'd love to introduce you to Pearl Fu! She came highly recommended by Anja Garcia and Frances Flores, so you know you're in for a treat!

    Pearl delivers a fast...