Elyse Miller

Elyse Miller

I’m Elyse… mama, wife, fitness trainer, sports model, television host. Fitness is a top priority in every aspect of my life. I believe a healthy body fuels a healthy mind. My life is dedicated to clean, healthy living and exercise.

Working in a gym was my very first job. I actually didn’t even enjoy working out at first, but I needed experience for class credit. when I started, I was cleaning equipment, but I started learning all the different ways to train the body. I earned my certification through A.C.E. when I turned 18 and since that time, I have trained in gyms, studios, homes & on the video screen. My college degree was in broadcast journalism and I spent five years as a TV news reporter and weather anchor, but it wasn’t long until I went back to my first career passion as a trainer. After having kids, I realized I needed to spend more time at the house, so we built a gym and training studio in our home garage.

I’m so thankful for the world of virtual coaching! It gives me the opportunity to combine my education and on-camera experience with my passion for training the body. I love that I can work with people all over the world, as an iFit Coach & Sweat Factor Trainer.

It’s also nice to be recognized for all my hard work in the fitness industry. In 2016, I was named one of the
Top Trainers in America by Women’s Health Magazine in their Next Fitness Star Competition. I was also named one of Reebok’s Most Inspirational Trainers.

My favorite part of this journey is helping others get more out of their life through exercise. I love watching lives and families be transformed through fitness.

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Website: FitElyse.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/FitElyse

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Elyse Miller
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