Watch this video and more on Sweat Factor by Mike Donavanik

Watch this video and more on Sweat Factor by Mike Donavanik

30-Min Ultimate Circuit Training Workout

Exclusive Workouts • 30m

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    Duration: 20 min
    Equipment: Heavy / Medium Dumbbells, Mat
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    Blake Raymond is bringing you a low impact, 20-Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout! We recommend using a medium / heavy set of dumbbells to get the most burn for your buck! You'll have three blocks; ea...

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  • 30-Min Hardcore HIIT Dumbbell Workout

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Mike Donavanik

    This workout is going to push your limits like no other! You'll have four circuits, each containing five different exercises. No repeats here! You'll focus on working strength, power, agility and cardio in...