Watch this video and more on Sweat Factor by Mike Donavanik

Watch this video and more on Sweat Factor by Mike Donavanik

35-Minute Kettlebell + Bench HIIT Workout

Exclusive Workouts • 37m

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    Duration: 40 min
    Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells, Step, Mat
    Trainer: Mike Donavanik

    You guys have been asking for a true HEAVY weight workout for a long time. And I'm finally getting my act together and delivering! I'm using 20-lbs dumbbells this entire workout and OMG...I was crushe...

  • 30-Minute Dumbbell + Bench HIIT Shredder

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  • 35-Minute HIIT Bodyweight SweatFest

    Duration: 35 min
    Equipment: Mat
    Trainer: Mike Donavanik

    This all bodyweight workout is no joke! It's an insane blend of bodyweight strength exercises and some explosive plyometric and cardio bursts! You will be an absolutely HOT SWEATY MESS by the end of it...GUARANTEED!