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15-Minute BOSU Ab Blast Workout

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Behind-the-Scenes | August 2018

Exclusive Workouts • 2m 59s

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  • 15-Minute BOSU Ab Blast Workout

    Duration: 15 min
    Equipment: Bosu Ball
    Trainer: Blake Raymond

    Blake Raymond is brining you an efficient 15-Minute Ab & Core BOSU Workout. You'll work your entire mid-section from your upper and lower abdominals, obliques, low back, and transverse abdominis!

  • 30-Minute Full Body Meltdown w/ Step ...

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Step, Mat
    Trainer: Raneir Pollard

    Raneir Pollard is brining you a 30-Minute Full Body Total Meltdown with Step & Weights! You'll work strength, cardio, agility and power in this challenging routine!

  • 10-Minute Advanced Ab & Core Workout

    Duration: 10 min
    Equipment: Mat
    Trainer: Vanessa Villegas

    Vanessa Villegas is delivering an insanely brutal and challenging ab & core workout! Don't let the 10-minute time frame fool you; your abs will be screaming and sore for days after doing this one! It's perfect to tack ont...