4-Week Summer Bootcamp Challenge

4-Week Summer Bootcamp Challenge

4 Seasons

🌴 DOWNLOAD THE CALENDAR HERE: https://miked.fit/Summer2018 🌴

This 4-Week Summer Bootcamp Challenge is designed to push your limits and help you reach new heights! You'll also find a free downloadable calendar - in PDF format - for the entire 4 week challenge!

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4-Week Summer Bootcamp Challenge
  • 30-Minute Extreme Burn Dumbbell Bootcamp

    Episode 1

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Mike Donavanik

    I hope you guys enjoy the very first MEMBER EXCLUSIVE workout! It's jam packed with creative and efficient compound exercises that will work every muscle from head to toe! You'll have a quick warm up to ge...

  • 30-Minute HIIT Countdown Workout

    Episode 2

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Anja Garcia

    Anja Garcia is bringing you a fast paced, full body HIIT, "Countdown" Workout! You'll run through 4 different circuits, each a different length of time: 4-min, 3-min, 2-min, and 1-min. After you complete the ...

  • 20-Min Low Impact Strength Workout

    Episode 3

    Duration: 20 min
    Equipment: Heavy / Medium Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Blake Raymond

    Blake Raymond is bringing you a low impact, 20-Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout! We recommend using a medium / heavy set of dumbbells to get the most burn for your buck! You'll have three blocks; ea...

  • 30-Minute Cardio Kickboxing & Core

    Episode 4

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Mat, Light Dumbbells (optional)
    Trainer: Natalie Yco

    Natalie Yco is delivering a fast paced Cardio Kickboxing & Core Workout! You'll be pairing intense cardio kickboxing moves with martial arts-inspired core exercises. The format of this workout is si...

  • 30-Minute Dumbbell Circuit Training Workout

    Episode 5

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainer: Jill Penfold

    Jill Penfold – the LA Bride Body Trainer – is bringing you a fun, intermediate level, dumbbell circuit training workout! These moves are easy to follow, but don't let that fool you...you will be dripping in ...

  • Xtreme Burn Diesel // Full Workout

    Episode 6

    Duration: 60 min
    Equipment: Dumbbells, Mat
    Trainers: Mike Donavanik, Jaime McFaden

    Get ready to join Mike Donavanik and his fitness bestie, Jaime McFaden, for a non-stop, high intensity, 60-minute sweat fest! Mike’s new DVD Xtreme Burn DIESEL is modeled after his sign...

  • 15-Minute Post-Workout Yoga Stretch

    Episode 7

    Duration: 15 min
    Equipment: Yoga Mat
    Trainer: Jake Ferree

    Jake Ferree is guiding your through a quick yoga stretch routine that gets the whole body in no time. With easy to follow instructions this video is great for beginners. It also works nice as a beautiful post workout sol...

  • Summer Bootcamp Calendar.pdf

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